We are thrilled to open our In-Home playschools to old and new little friends!
Play Sense is a safe, nurturing environment for little ones to learn through play. Our unique imaginary play-based program gives your child the super skills they need to develop and grow. Join Play Sense and watch your little one flourish! 
We believe in learning through play and developing soft skills such as problem solving and creativity through our all-important imaginary play. Our program is designed to give your little ones the skills they need to thrive throughout their education journey and beyond.
Play Sense playschools are hosted in a family home where a trained Play Sense teacher leads small groups of little ones through the program in a safe, nurturing environment. As a Play Sense parent, you can offer to host a group or join a group in your area.
Get back to a routine and reclaim your balance, knowing that your child is in the best possible hands getting the best foundation for learning and development.
Our playschools are small, controlled groups, with no more than 6 children per playschool - drastically reducing the spread of germs and infection. All our teachers and parents are committed to adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • Develop resilient, emotionally engaged children who are attuned to their own and other’s emotions and able to self-regulate their own behaviour.
  • Encourage a strong sense of identity and belonging. Our little ones develop empathy and care for others and the environment.
  • Nurture the foundation for the learning journey. We call these ‘Super Sense’ and include creativity, inspiration, intrinsic motivation, and active exploration to learn.
  • Develop executive function in little ones. This is the motivation to accomplish goal-directed tasks using skills like problem solving, decision making, flexibility and judgement.
  • Support the developmental goals of pre-schoolers in terms of gross motor, fine motor, language and cognitive skills.
Because we are committed to your child’s emotional and soft skills development. We love seeing your little one’s grow and learn with our exciting imaginary play-based program, designed for their developmental needs, and led by a qualified, passionate Play Sense teacher.

Our unique play-based program is designed to:
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